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The beauty of the cosmos takes on a particular value if enhanced by the work of those who know how to grasp the union between the artistic form created by the hand of man and another form of art, with an arcane flavor, made up of galaxies, remote solar systems originated from the cosmos itself.


The wonder created by nature comes to intertwine with that infinite amazement that feeds the questions of the human being from its origins, pushing him to search for that mystery that gave rise to everything that surrounds us, is combined with the creative force, the thirst to always discover new perspectives, which is proper to the human being and gives rise to an exceptional art form of which Tardonato is an excellent demiurge. The current of Space Art, which has the representation of space as its theme and is based on an ancient and essential link between science and art, finds one of its happiest expressions in the work of the artist and amateur astronomer Giorgio Tardonato. Through that genuine intuition that makes the artist coexist with the passionate man of science, Tardonato accompanies us on a journey to discover the universe, generated by obeying mysterious laws that man has always wanted to discover, but which perhaps it is not enough to bend to the dictates of one's rationality to fully understand, because the beauty and perfection that regulate them are something too complex to be translated into mathematical equations alone.

 The path built by Tardonato around Space Art has led him over the years to build a coherent and culturally impeccable artistic career, thanks to the mastery and ease with which he uses various techniques to better devote himself to the meaning of his works, that meaning rich in visions cosmic and suggestions related to the myth of creation. The experience one has in viewing his works is that of a lesson in astronomy detailed down to the smallest detail. Certainly one of a kind, it presents us with a realistic and faithful astronomical vision, nothing unreal, but views that can be found with a good telescope. Started with the oil technique in the eighties, the splendid Galaxy NGC 1365 is the most striking example, worked with brush and palette knife.


We can see an evolution over the decades towards an unconventional form, on cotton canvas and brush work, with the use of resins, gold leaf, copper and aluminum; all materials that allow him to create a sort of three-dimensionality that characterizes his work in an unequivocal way, a constant search for perfection and detail, leading him to develop works such as the First Great Radio Telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope. Among the latest and most sensational works created by the artist is the nucleus of Antennae, a grandiose polyptych in six parts, with rich glazes of color, capable of condensing all the amazement for the beauty and perfection of the universe. Two galaxies, 60 million light years away from us, collide in an event with an exceptional duration of a billion years, during which the stars of NGC4038 and NGC4039 mix, without ever colliding. Their arms trigger spectacular star formation processes in which vortices of dust and gas become the beating heart of millennial creation, which, having reached us already 60 million years old, cannot fail to fascinate us and arouse great questions and dilemmas.


Another recently created work is the ISS international space station, the arrival point of the progress achieved by humanity from which the first interplanetary missions will depart. The origins of humanity itself are well evoked by the figure of our planet, from which the perfect mass of the ISS stands out in the universe, a promise for mankind to surpass its own horizons.



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